“Being Co-Owner of a small business, we constantly receive many calls from people that want to inquire about your business without knowing anything about us and our needs, and perhaps want do business with you. A fair amount of callers don’t identify themselves, and are not professional on their approach. Some callers are curt, scripted, and really don’t seem to care about you or how they can help you and your business. Kyle Brett from OBIG, Ohio Benefits & Insurance Group was completely different. He was nice, pleasant, a fresh breath of air, and I wanted to hear what he had to say. Kyle identified himself right away professionally, was very pleasant, easy to talk with, and presented why he was calling, and how he and his company may be able to help our Small Business after asking me a few pertinent, non-invasive questions. The timing of his call was perfect. We had a previous business relationship with an Insurance Broker, and we were wanting to Partner with someone who brought genuine caring and fresh ideas to help us with our Insurance needs. We don’t switch business Partners easily, we are loyal to those who are loyal to us. Kyle made it easy for us with his Professionalism and caring. I set up a meeting with Kyle and my business Partner, and the rest is history. We are very happy with him, his business approach, and his genuine caring about us as people, and about our company. He looks out for his customers making sure their insurance requirements are perfect and fair for their needs. He does this in a caring and professional manner. I highly recommend Kyle and his company!”

Charmaine Cancelliere
Vice President
Ohio Trailer Repair, Inc.

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